Composting is a fundamental practice of sustainable gardening.


Composting allows us to recycle our waste while returning organic matter and life to the soil.


When done properly, high-quality compost will nourish the microbiome of the soil and provide slow-release fertility that will allow plants to thrive.

Good compost is alive with beneficial bacteria, fungi, and micro-arthropods.

We can compost food scraps from our kitchen, waste from our yards and gardens, and other materials gathered locally such as leaves, manure, and coffee grounds.

By incorporating a wide diversity of ingredients, we create a nutrient-dense organic fertilizer that is significantly better than anything you can purchase from a store.

If you’ve never tried composting, give it a go and see how much your plants love it!

There are many different strategies depending on what you have space for.

All Beings Ecoscapes can provide guidance on many composting strategies including:

  • 3-bay compost systems
  • Vermicomposting
  • Bokashi composting
  • Compost heaps
  • Compost tumblers

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