Frequently Asked Questions

All ABE projects follow this general process:

  1. Initial Phone Consultation – These consultations typically last about half an hour, and are intended for ABE to get to know you better, what your goals and visions are, and learn whether your project is a good fit for us. 
  2. Property Visit – ABE will visit your house or property to meet you in person and collect additional information, such as existing plants, landscape dimensions, soil quality, etc.
  3. Project Proposal – ABE will compile a Scope of Work and Cost Estimate and submit these to you in a Design Proposal. If you are looking for a full installation, ABE will provide an Installation Proposal after the design is completed.
  4. Submission of Deliverables – A typical ABE Design contains three deliverables. A Concept Design, a 60% Design, and a Final Design.
  5. Interim Check-ins – After submission of the Concept Design and 60% Designs, ABE will have a  check-in meeting with you to ensure the Design is on track to meet your vision and goals.
  6. Installation – Once the Final Design is approved by you, ABE will move forward with installing the project, or assisting you with any DIY elements.

All Beings Ecoscapes wants to ensure that your project is done correctly and in a timely manner. Depending on the size and complexity of your design, the design process could take anywhere from one to two months. In Colorado, we have two primary planting windows for natives and cold-hardy perennials: Late April – Early June, and Late September – Early November.

Other work like hardscaping and irrigation, can be completed anytime aside outside of winter. If you know that you want to get started on your project in the spring, it is best to begin the design process as early as November or December the year before, as the spring fills up quickly.

All Beings Ecoscapes will create a timeline that works best for you and your project goals.

Our initial half-hour consultation is always free of charge. Following this, the fee for performing a site visit and to prepare a proposal is $80. Costs for the landscape design and installation vary considerably, and depend on many factors such as: 

  • Total size/area to be landscaped
  • Number of garden beds and number of new plants
  • Amount of hardscaping
  • How much turf grass is being removed
  • Irrigation requirements

A good rule of thumb for newly landscaped areas is between $8 – $14 per sqft for design and installation service combined. To modify existing landscaping, or if you only want to use seed dispersal methods, you can expect a lower cost.

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