How To Remove Grass

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Removal of turf is a multi-step process that can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months depending on the technique used.

All Beings Ecoscapes uses various approaches to remove turf depending on the timeline of the project.

The fastest method is to use a sod cutter. The cut turf grass can be removed from the site entirely, or it can be used to make berms, or composted.  

Another method is solarizing, which involves covering the turf with clear plastic and letting it “bake” in the sun for one to two months (ideally in the summer when it is hot). After the grass has been killed off, it can be removed using a sod cutter or spade. 

A third strategy is sheet mulching, which is smothering the grass with layers of compost, newspaper, or cardboard, and a minimum of 4 inches of mulch.

This is best done in late fall after the grass has stopped growing, and allowing the sheet mulch to sit over the winter. Because of the amount of organic material added to the surface, this technique is more appropriate for vegetable or fruit gardens. Native plants do not perform well with this much organic material. 

Finally, glyphosate can be sprayed on turfgrass to kill it immediately. The main benefit to this approach is time and efficiency – this is by far the cheapest and possibly most effective way to kill off your turf grass. However, if you already have an established polliantor garden nearby, it may not be a good idea. Glyphosate is less toxic than media and rumors would make it appear, but it is still a chemical never-the-less, and you should do your research before using it. 

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